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celia hennessey January 24, 2021
"Garnet fixed my well problem in the middle of January a couple of years ago. It was a freezing cold day and he worked for hours but fixed the problem and showed me at the time what was wrong . Garnet is so honest and one of the hardest working people I've met."
Mike Hoffman January 5, 2021
"I called Garnet the day prior, they were timely when they showed up. They quickly diagnosed the problem and had it resolved within the day (well line from well head to house). I could not have asked for a more professional and proficient experience. I highly recommend to anyone with well issues."
Heath Meetis November 28, 2020
"Called them about a low pressure problem with my water and they were able to come out and correct it. He could have told me anything was wrong with my pump I wouldn't have known turned out to simply be a split in the pipe going down to the well. I greatly appreciate his honesty."
Michael Malek August 16, 2020
"Very polite,hard working guy. Knows his job and gets to your house as quick as he can"
Jacob Freitas July 30, 2020
"Garnet and his son were very helpful and quick to respond to my issue. I would highly recommend them"
Anthony Lanciano July 30, 2020
"The pump on our well went belly up Wednesday night. We called Thursday morning and in less than. an hour the father and son arrived. We have a deep well so it took them most of the morning into the afternoon to replace the pump but that was expected. The thing I liked was that they were clear on the fact that our holding tank had a massive amount of sediment in it. The son instructed us on how long to keep it flushing so it would be cleaned out. We replaced the filters, let the tank clean itself out and we are back in business. The cost was not surprising. It was definitely in the range of a pump replacement and the amount of work they needed to do. Thank you..we have water again!"