Water Well System Sales in Assonet, MA

Getting clean, safe water in your home is the result of having a quality well pump system in Assonet, MA. To ensure you have a system that’s going to provide you with a superior level of functionality and reliable operation for years to come, trust the experts at Garnet Well and Pump Service to help you find and implement a system that’s ideal for your home.

We offer the best in well and pump installation, delivered to you at competitively priced rates, complete with free estimates! We’ll help walk you through your options and can assist in the comprehensive setup of your system, from the initial boring of your well, to the connection of the pump system to your home or other irrigation source!


Products we offer

From pumps and pipes to wires, pressure tanks, and water conditioning, we supply everything needed for you to take full advantage of your well water system in Assonet, MA. When you come to us for a system installation, you’re getting the full gamut of products, including:

  • Water pumps
  • Submersibles
  • Shallow well pumps
  • Deep well pumps
  • Water filters
  • Water softeners
  • Water conditioners

Our comprehensive product inventory ensures we can get your system up and running right from the get-go, eliminating lead times and ensuring proper function without exception.

Brands we trust

Superior well pump system operation is more than just the result of quality workmanship during the installation process: it’s also about having reliable brands you can count on. To that end, we’re pleased to provide customers with nothing short of the very best industry brand names, including:

  • Goulds pumps
  • Berkeley pumps
  • Pump Pro pressure tanks
  • Well-X-Trol pumps

Contact us

If you’re interested in speaking to a trained and talented professional regarding a new well pump system in Assonet, MA, be sure you’re calling Garnet Well and Pump Service. We can be reached at 508-692-8027 and are happy to discuss your options with you, to ensure your home has access to clean, safe water from a reliably functioning system.

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